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Eagle Martial Arts in The Benbrook/Fort Worth Area


Eagle Martial Arts is located in Benbrook, TX serving the Fort Worth area.  We are family owned and operated since 2007.  We are proud members of the World Wide American Taekwondo Association www.ataonline.com which has been in operation since 1969.  Our mission and goal is to train and develop our up and coming generations to go out into their communities and significantly impact their world in a positive way.  By understanding the importance of Self Worth and respect of others, along with goal setting and a strong work ethic; our students become compassionate, success orientated individuals. 

Through Martial Arts, we are able to teach the principles of character, integrity and how to influence and
lead others, all while doing a fun and exciting athletic activity.  Martial Arts is not only great for children
but for the entire family.  Adults can achieve a whole new level of fitness and flexibility.  You'll not only
notice your fitness level improve but your Self Confidence as well.  Martial Arts has something for
everyone in the family from the youngest to the eldest. 

Why not make becoming a Family of Black Belts your new goals.

Be Blessed
Owner/Chief Instructors
John & Stephanie Seidel

Live Your Life Without Fear